Soni Musicae – The Small Italian (Free Kontakt Samplers)


This is a soundbank of a harpsichord copied after an anonymous 17th century Italian instrument. It has one manual, two 8′ stops, plus a lute stop. It is suitable to play Renaissance and 17th century music. This soundbank is available in Kontakt format, in its full version, and in sf2 format, but without release samples.

The harpsichord has been tuned to A 415 Hz and to equal temperament. But, in order to make it easier to use with most of modern instruments (in a sequencer for example), we transposed a semi-tone, to get a 440 Hz tuned harpsichord. So you can play it in your compositions without problem.

How To Download : Click link below. Click download link at the bottom of the page.

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Download Soni Musicae – The Small Italian (Free Kontakt Samplers)


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