Beat Assist – Nasty Looper (Free Drum Machine VST)

0 is on with an exclusive offer. “We decided to focus on what we think is our best product: Nasty Looper.” Nasty Looper is one of the best free drum machines in the market. This VST plugin brings up all of your creativity to the stage. Despite of being a VST for Windows 32-bits, it is believed that it can be a powerful tool on your studio and for your Live Performances.

Nasty Looper plays 16-bits and 24-bits .wav samples on 16 pads, where four of them are designed for loops and vocals. Equipped with pattern sequencer of 64 steps, mini-synth, break sequencer, for creating silences on your beats, brickwall limiter, so it does not clips, MIDI player, to play your MIDI files in Nasty Looper, possibility to use an external mixer, for pre-listen your sounds, sound recording module, to record everything what happens inside the VST, and more, turns this VST in the free and perfect tool for your Live Performances.

“Plug your MIDI Controllers and do a quick MIDI Learn by right clicking over any control of Nasty Looper.”

Nasty Looper is free and works on Windows 32-bit, XP/Vista/Win7/Win8 and Windows 10.

How To Download : Click link below. Click download button at the bottom of page.

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Download Beat Assist – Nasty Looper (Free Drum Machine VST)


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